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! TrainWorx York Update !

The last four weeks have been fast and furious for T W TrainWorx!  Along with the Lionel 20′ X 60′ display and train layout at York, our crew of Traingineers debuted our special display of the TrainWorx  Bridges and ‘EL”‘ systems in a 10′ X 20’ display of our own.  Response to this TrainWorx product has been exceedingly strong with online sales of both the Bridges and “EL” systems continuing to ship out of our shop at a brisk pace!  TrainWorx has officially gone “international” with product shipping to South Korea for a couple serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Remember, all of our bridge kits are limited production pieces and there will only be 500 of each bridge produced. Each kit is packaged in a numbered box, and the original owners will be identified in the TrainWorx archives.  We will be honoring our “York”  Free Shipping special offer until June 30, 2010, so don’t miss the train –  purchase your train layout accessories now: .

This year’s spring York Event was a success by all measures – response to our survey questionaire was impressive, and we have sent a mailer to all who responded, sharing the results of our survey.  I think you will find some of the results enlightening!  I want to thank each of you that took the time to discuss your train layout dreams and desires at our booth – it was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to meeting and talking to many more of you this Fall.  You can be sure we will be exhibiting again with even more product!

Coming up next:  Musings and amusing at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting……

Blinking-LanternHigh Lantern Action Tip** TrainWorx Bridges also make great static displays to show off your latest and greatest engines if you don’t have room on your layout.

A lot of our bridge buyers have been collectors who don’t have layouts!  They saw our static display at York and decided to show off their prize engines on one of our many Lionel bridges on a mantel or shelf at home.


Texas Special

I think that for a lot of train enthusiasts, trains are something personal.  Your first train – like mine – was most likely a Christmas or other Special Holiday gift.  Or maybe it was a hand me down from your father, or from a favorite Uncle who didn’t have a child of his own.   But even if you bought it for yourself from the money you saved from your paper route, having that engine in your hand, feeling it’s weight and smelling that O ‘de  3 in 1 Oil  was a moment that is probably seared in your memory.  And you can see it and feel it and smell it in an instant – total recall in a heartbeat – and maybe a skipped one at that!  That moment is incredibly personal, and is probably one that you will remember forever.

So deciding to join a national club of other like-minded model train collectors who share this special bond with metal and plastic in the iconic form of the machinery that built America, can be a little intimidating.  And with groups like the Lionel Collectors Club of America, the Lionel Operating Train Society, and the Train Collectors Association to choose from, the choice gets tougher – unless you jump in head first and join them all!  You guessed it – I’m a card-carrying member of every club that would have me and they all were eager for me to join.

And I will never regret it!   Before too long, you find that you are surrounded with all shapes, sizes and colors of folks and every one of them has coal dust or diesel fuel coursing through their blood and trains on their mind.   A few shared stories later and your long-lost brother from a different mother shows up that loves the same road name as you do, has the same trains you do, or wants to build a layout like you do and you  are wondering whatever took you so long to join up with these great guys!

All of these organizations have a lot to offer, and you are bound to get a lot out of your association with them.  One of the most exciting benefits that the TCA offers is the twice a year train meet sponsored by the Eastern Division of the TCA, the biggest gathering of train folks and their trains and the people who make them, in one place, at one time, anywhere – York, Pennsylvania. Even if you only make it to this Holiest of Model Train Holy places once in your train loving life time, you must get to York.   Thousands of square feet of displays, thousands of train collectors, and TENS of  THOUSANDS of  Toy and Model TRAINS.

And after years of attending York as a train collector, and more years designing, producing and operating displays for train companies like Lionel, this Spring, I will be adding another role to my York Experience – as manufacturer. T W TrainWorx will have its own 10′  X  20′ display –  our “Experience the Art of the Train”   Research Station –  featuring the latest creations  we have developed for enhancing your train operating and displaying  efforts.

Train Table bases to enhance and showcase your home layout and convince your significant other to allow the basement train layout to finally see the light of day in the family room or spare bedroom.

Lionel Licensed limited Edition Bridge kits that recreate the 1952 catalog cover art to run or display your trains on as well as other style bridges to span your layout terrain in exciting new ways.

And more of our TrussRail and Trestle ‘EL’  kits to finally get your subway cars up on your layout where you can see and really enjoy operating them.

You can see some of these items on our website store – – already, but we’ll have more to see in the days leading up to York, with website coupons for some special gifts for you for stopping by, talking with us about what we are doing, and ordering our products.

Our crew is busy working on our display, assembling models of our kits and getting ready to load up the truck for York, and I will post a few shots and share some of the excitement as we get closer to departure.  Stop by for an update and keep an eye on our progress – and I hope to see you at York!

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Welcome and All Aboard!

Thank you for reading my first Train of Thought posting.

With 2010 marking the second decade of the twenty first century, it is time and I am ready to take my Train of Thought to the world of blogging. My goal is to share my life long passion for trains: real trains, toy trains, the rich history of trains, the fun of the train hobby as well as the business of trains from a different perspective.

As my earliest memories of trains included the crude creation of construction paper buildings, tunnels and even cornfields to enhance the loop of track and my Marx wind-up Loco, the creative process has always been intimately involved with my perception of trains – the creation of train layouts, train architecture, paintings and photographs of trains, and even train chotchkies that interpret the train experience – all are part of my life experience that I call the, Art of The Train.

In 1982 I founded Theatrical Warehouse Inc dba T W Design, in Dallas, Texas and in 2008 I took my passion for the various train projects that T W Design had been working on over the years and established a new division of the company, Trainworx which caters specifically to the train enthusiast niche.

With that brief introduction about me – climb aboard my Train of Thought blog – it’s going to be an adventure!


I returned late last night from a trip to Chicago meeting with a gentleman interested in having me design enhancement elements to his existing train table display. It was a quick trip, literally hopped on the early morning flight and arrived back in Dallas the same evening, and after some great brainstorming, I’ve come away with several ideas and will start designing next week.

Although it was a quick trip I found a new (to me) Model Train Store with a most excellent inventory, Americas Best Train Shop. While I was there, I grabbed a NEW Lionel Signature catalog.

I’ve had some great meetings this week with potential train clients and as soon as I move further along the process, YOU, my new Train of Thought readers, will be some of the first folks to hear about my breaking train news.

Next month I head up to York for the install of Lionel’s booth – looking forward to another great York Event!

Lionel Booth design by Roger Farkash

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