Posted by: Roger Farkash | June 5, 2010

Catching Up and Staying ahead

Wow! When I started my Train of Thought postings, I had no idea that the whirlwind of the past month was about to sweep away my time like it has!  From York to Dallas, Omaha to New York, Dallas to Chama and back and forth again, it has been an amazing and exciting  journey  in our Art of the Train adventure. 

Many of you who subscribe to our TrainWorx email notifications have already seen the photos of Lionel’s Bob Kerekes, TrainWorx’ George Watson and myself at last months Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting, operating Lionel’s 8′ X 40′ Train Layout, and speaking with Warren Buffet during his early morning walk-through of “Berkyville” – the  Trade Show segment of the meeting.  Talk about a moment in time that will live in your memory forever!  Mr. Buffet is indeed a train collector like no other – from his purchase of the BNSF Railway to his own 60′ attic train layout in his home, trains and Lionel have been a part of his life since he was a child.  He shared the story of his first trip with his father to New York City which included a visit to the Lionel showroom as well as a visit to the New York Stock Exchange.  When asked which he liked better, trains or stocks, he replied, “Well, I have obviously done a lot better with stocks.” Despite the crush of news crews and photographers, he was disarmingly pleasant and comfortable to talk with, and appreciative of the train layout that Lionel had equipped with BNSF locos and rolling stock and branded with the BNSF logo for the event.  It was a crowd pleaser for the 40,000 attendees , as well as the millions of news hungry cable TV viewers of CNBC and FOX Business news, as both networks used the layout as a backdrop for numerous interviews all day Friday and Saturday.  What an adventure!  

Trains continue to take me to places and connect me with people whose love of the train inspires deep motivations for all things train related and the adventures that are associated with the pursuit of that passion.  In our own TrainWorx experience during our visit to Omaha, we searched out train shops like Grand Central Limited, visited the Union Passenger Terminal – America’s first  Art Deco Station – (now the Durham Museum)  and the Burlington Station one block away.  We saw UP Big Boy # 4023  and the UP Centennial #6900 at Kenefick Park,  and the car yard and repair facility at Lincoln, and had a chance to walk through BNSF business train that was brought in for the Berkshire Hathaway event.  And each stop along our way, we ran into folks who were delighted to share their time, speak to us about the history of trains in the area, or their own enjoyment of trains.

As busy as my schedule is, and as hectic as the events we attend can sometimes be, please take a moment to introduce yourself – or re-introduce as the case may be –  the next time you happen to see me at an event, or I happen to stumble upon your part of the Train World we share!   I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with you and your vision of  this great hobby, and I will enjoy hearing from you! 

Next time, I will fill you in on some of the cool projects we are gearing up on that are tied into a lot of the traveling I have been doing this past month. It’s all fun!

Special freight from Antonito to Osier Colorado, criss crossing the Rockies!


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